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A Note About Blogging

23 October 2013

I have been spending my in-between-jobs time reading blogs by authors and editors all around the country. I have purchased a few books by authors who tout the great need for editors, and I have found these books to be well written, well edited, and entertaining.

I am surprised, then, when I regularly find simple errors throughout the blog posts of these same writers.

Now, I do understand that blogs are intended to be more casual. I get that we are not supposed to be too picky about a person’s blog because the post was probably thrown together at two in the morning and tossed online on the way to bed.

If you are using your blog as a way to connect with your readers, please tell me that you did not just dash off a blog post at two in the morning, post it, and go to bed. Tell me that you held onto it until morning, read it over carefully while you drank your morning beverage and then posted it online for all the world to see.

Your blog is a reflection of your skill as a writer. You have to take your time with it. I know that you want to get your thoughts out into the world as soon as you have them, but they need to be readable and understandable; you need to read over them a few times first. Of course, I think you should have an on-call editor to edit your blog posts before they go up, but I have already been shouted down on that point. The next best thing is to have someone in your life who you can count on to read your blog post and find all those embarrassing mistakes that you thought you fixed, but you actually only made worse. You don’t want some random person (probably me) to send you an email that points out your error. You absolutely do not want some random person (never me) to post a derisive comment in your comment section about your mistake.

If you cannot manage to send your post to someone else for review before you post it, at least read it out loud to your cat, dog, or favorite inanimate object before you click “Publish”. Seriously.

Your books are not the only things you write for the public. Don’t publish a flawless book, only to publicize on a sloppy blog.

Things I Do That Might Be Considered Strange: When I was a teenager, I would tell my mom, “I think I am coming down with a cold or something.” She would tell me, “No you’re not,” and I would be fine later on that afternoon. Now, when people tell me they think they are coming down with something, I tell them, “No, you’re not.” They are better by morning. I don’t know why it works, but it does make life easier.

  1. Actually I publish things all the time at 2 am. That shouldn’t stop you. Blogs aren’t meant to be polished, books are. 🙂 Best of luck with your new blog!

    • Blogs don’t have to be completely polished, but they should not be riddled with mistakes that could have been caught if the author simply read over the post before publishing.

      Thanks for the wish of luck. 🙂

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