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The Odd Discovery of the Day

13 September 2013

I have recently become acquainted with my father. My adult daughter, B, developed a sudden desire to learn more about her ancestry, so she looked for him and found him. That is a very long story, but not the point of this one.

My father, P, and my adult daughter, B, have been corresponding about family history. Last night, P passed on a very interesting story that B shared with me, and I will share now with you, in extreme Reader’s Digest form:

My great-grandmother was named Vera. Her name was Vera Strange, actually, which is a superbly awesome name to be born with. I wish I had known that the last name “Strange” was part of my family history. I would have claimed it ages ago. I digress.

Vera had a daughter named Ellena.

Ellena grew up, married a Tuggle, and had several sons, one who was named P. P grew up and married my mother, then disappeared from her life before the naming of their offspring.

Without any prior knowledge of my family history, my mother named me, Veronica Elaine.

And that, I believe, is Vera Strange.

Things I Do That Might Be Considered Strange: I have a tendency to have very bizarre coincidences pop up in my life that defy reasonable explanation. I don’t know what to do with these coincidences beyond notice them, record them, and move on. I also have very vivid dreams.

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